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Liza Fediukova – Violin
Giacomo Battarino – Piano

Diversity in unity”.
Before you start listening, I ask you to read this short
libretto. It will help you understand that the CD’s repertoire was chosen
for a reason. Each piece has its own meaning, and the one that follows is
is a logical continuation of it.
I was thinking of Diaghilev and his «Russian Seasons» in Europe,which at the time
revolutionised the art world at the time! The conservative and austere
London public was astonished at Diaghilev’s idea of mixing Russian
culture with an avant-garde mood, which the Russian artists were able to demonstrate with impeccable skill.
the Russian artists were able to demonstrate. And I thought, why not
to do it again? To unite two great countries through music.
The choice of works has a strong connection to each other and includes
a lot of intertwining. There are three waltzes in my repertoire that
presented in very different ways. You can hear the likes of.
Tchaikovsky, Glazunov and Britten used the same form of music,
making it so special, depending on the time they were living in and
the purpose for which they composed it. It all starts very classically – Tchaikovsky.
One of his most famous violin compositions is the «Waltz-Scherzo». Then two free forms follow, letting the imagination run wild: one by Rimsky-Korsakov
by Rimsky-Korsakov and the other by the magnificent English composer
Peter Seaborn, who, with his work, evokes in us a sense of
of loss and inner introspection. Then there is Ilan Eschkeri’s
“Nureyev”, written for the film “Nureyev. The White Raven”. And here we come
to the theme of the ballet and now three pieces by Glazunov from the ballet  «Raymonda». at the very end, Britten’s inimitable suite.
And after listening to this CD, you’ll be immersed in a diversity of music that…
that unites many kinds of art. I wish you to hear diversity,
diversity in unity.
I want to conclude by saying that the purpose of my CD is to draw people’s attention to the fact…
the fact that diversity is something special: only with
only with diversity does everything make sense. This is what our world, art and


Lisa Fedyukova.

  • 1. Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) – Waltz – Scherzo
  • 2. Ilan Eshkeri (1977) – Nureyev
  • 3. Alexander Glazunov (1865-1936) - Drei Stücke aus dem Ballett "Raymonda" GrandAdagio, Zugabe, Fantastischer Walzer.
  • 4. Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow (1844-1908) - Konzertfantasie über russische Themen
  • 5. Peter Seabourne (1960) – Møte
  • 6. Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) - Suite für Violine und Klavier
  • - Einleitung
  • - März
  • – Moto perpetuo
  • - Wiegenlied
  • - Walzer

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  • 6 Rimsky-Korsakov - Concert Fantasy
  • Liza Fediukova
  • 3 Glazunov - Grand Adagio
  • Liza Fediukova