Taunus Newspaper, February 7, 2017

A violinist follows in the footsteps of Haydn

Very virtuosically, she played the lively Allegro, bringing out the wonderfully rich warm sound of the two low strings D and G of her instrument and astonished the audience with the quite different, rather penetrating sound of the A and E strings. In an artful cadenza she shaped her own improvisation through the themes and melodies. [...] In the second set, the violinist played the songful light-footed piece with devotion and warmth, adding a small cadenza here as well as in the graceful rondo that followed.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper, February 7, 2017


On her melodious instrument, the violinist, who was born in 1996 in the Crimea and is currently studying at the Mainz Conservatory, asserted herself with a full, penetrating, at times somewhat sharp tone. She already seemed very confident on stage.

Wiesbadener Newspaper, February 7, 2017

Southwest German Chamber Orchestra of Pforzheim makes guest appearance in Wiesbaden under the guidance of Ciarán McAuley with Haydn and Mozart.

The 20-year-old soloist Elizaveta Fediukova favored a directly appealing, mostly powerful tone of polished brilliance that authentically came close to an impressive self-representation, for Mozart composed this piece for personal use.

Bad Homburg Week, February 16, 2017

Virtuosic and delightfully presented with a smile

The piece is rich in melodies, light as a song, does not lack spirited passages between tutti and solos and gave the violinist the opportunity for great cadenzas, which she presented virtuosically and with a smile, full of delight. Fediukova's youthful, decisive playing [...] gave room to imagination. "It went like oil" the young genius had reported to her father after a performance two years later, and thus summed up the harmonious coming together of orchestra and soloist, which she and the orchestra also followed in perfect unison. The violinist's precious instrument has a special feature. The full sound of the low D and G strings is contrasted with the more pointed, penetrating sound of the A and E strings, which occasionally alienated slightly, but did not detract from the virtuoso playing. The graceful violinist was seen off with vigorous ovations.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper, November 14, 2016

Gudrun Landgrebe reads from Chekhov narrative / "Virtuosi" accompany musically

This mood was underpinned by Elizaveta Fediukova's magnificent violin playing in Vivaldi's "Winter" from the "Four Seasons". The violinist interacted beautifully with the Mainzer Virtuosi, playing with a vibrant, powerful and penetrating sound; music and text circled around each other throughout the entire evening.